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Build lasting impact in the lives of your patients and subscribers.
Help thousands of people pick up healthy habits and live a strong and healthy life.
With the all-in-one tweak & eat hub Smart Health Platform.

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tweak and eat hub

The tweak & eat hub platform

tweak & eat hub Smart Health Platform, along with the tweak &eat mobile app was conceived to propel revenue growth for health care experts like you by

tweak and eat hub
tweak &eat

Track every healthy habit

Effortlessly track and report your client’s healthy habit routines that you can set up in the platform as per limits prescribed by you. The tweak &eat mobile app allows patients to track and record data in the tweak & eat hub platform.

Calorie intake

Track Calories & Macros Manage calories in every plate your patient eats.

Water reminder

Track water consumption Set daily hydration goal and track consumption.

Eating window

Track eating and fasting Prescribe specific eating duration and track compliance.

Sleeping window

Track sleep patterns Help your clients moniter sleep patterns.

Meditation tracker

Track meditation sessions Set meditation sessions and track compliance.

Workout tracker

Track Workout goals Set daily workout sessions and track compliance.

Supplement tracker

Prescribe supplements if any, for your patients, including the intake time suggested.

Impact for all As a doctor you work tirelessly to help your patients lead healthy lives. Now you can make a lasting impact in their lives too. Help thousands of patients pick up healthy habits and live a strong and healthy life, while strengthening your brand and practice.

Revenue Impact for you

We have built a lucrative revenue model with excellent earnings for you. By conservative estimates we expect the program to earn you Rs 50 Lakhs or more in the very first year.

As their Doctor, you can refer patients to the 3-month program (extendable). The suggested cost of the program is Rs. 3,000 per month (lower cost program is available). As the referring Doctor, you receive a generous 50% of the program's revenue for every patient, and so providing a substantial income boost for you.

Your office has no extra work to do beyond the referrals. We do it all for you.

Health Impact for Patients Click here to view the plans, costs, and benefits for your patients

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How it works

The tweak & eat hub platform can be used to monitor and record data of every patient at every stage of their health improvement journey.

Your annual income projections (conservative estimate)

How it works

The tweak & eat hub platform can be used to monitor and record data for every patient at every stage of their health improvement journey.

FAQs All you need to
make a maximum impact

1. How much of my time per patient is required? Very little time is required. Just recommend your patient to join the program.

2. What is the process for the patient to join the program?
Based on Doctor’s recommendation the patient can purchase either the Platinum or Gold options.
A nutritionist is assigned to the patient and an appointment for consultation is set. The nutritionist consults with the patient, adds the patient to the program, sets the trackers, and crafts a personalized diet plan. Doctors will be able to access all this information through their dedicated administration page.

3. Do I/my team need to actively manage the dashboard and patient reviews?
Not at all. We take care of it all for you. Our nutritionists and life coaches do all the tracking, monitoring, and weekly consultations. At any time, you will have real-time access to all information related to the patient including payment received, doctor's share of revenue accrued, patient activity, weekly progress, behavior change, and reports. You can login to the dedicated admin page in the tweak & eat hub portal to review.

4. Can I/my team play a more active role?
Yes, absolutely. We have Doctors on the platform who use their own nutritionists/dietitians/life coaches to provide the services while using our technology.
Doctors/physician groups who don’t have the time or resources to provide such standards of handholding can use our team for no extra cost.

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PurpleTeal is a health and wellness company based in the United States with over a decade’s experience dedicated to improving people's well-being. Our primary offerings include the Tweak & eat hub platform and the innovative tweak & eat mobile app.

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